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Although the childhood obesity rate amongst the counties we serve stands at 17%, the state adult obesity rate currently stands at 31.2%. This demonstrates a trend that those that are obese as youth, are at greater risk of becoming obese adults. By providing opportunities to be active, NTSA hopes to be a part of the solution to reverse this trend.



The Northeast Tennessee Sports Association, Inc. (NTSA) filed Articles of Incorporation with the State of Tennessee in February 2012 as a non-profit, charitable organization. On February 13th, 2013 NTSA received approval from the IRS to operate as a 501(c)(3) public charity. NTSA was Created to oversee the funding, development and maintenance of an ice rink and multipurpose sports and recreational facility in the Tri-Cities region.

Mission Statement

Through a diverse set of athletic programs, including those to remove the barriers of cost, distance, or athletic ability, NTSA is committed to improving accessibility to physical activities and providing life-long opportunities for Tri-Cities residents, improving their overall personal well-being within a safe and energetic environment through community and municipal teamwork.


Our Purpose

Have you ever scored that goal that raised a crowd? Did you catch the pass that won the big game? Have you ever been part of a team that supported you and cheered you on? Playing sports moves people emotionally and physically toward higher purposes, in life, well beyond the game.

Being a part of a team will forever change one’s personal perspective, whether experiencing the triumph of victory or the bitter defeat of a loss. These experiences teach us about self-esteem, discipline, respect, perseverance, leadership, teamwork, commitment, setting goals, and living to conquer dreams. NTSA strives to provide programming in which participants will have the opportunity to experience these emotions, discover the joy of sport, and become more physically active.

Additionally, with childhood obesity at an all-time high in Northeast Tennessee, physical activity is more of a necessity in order for our children to experience healthier, mentally stable and more productive lifestyles. Social media, television, and video gaming has made a tremendous impact on degrading lifestyles in our youth by reducing their desire to be physically active among peers. NTSA programs strive to combat sedentary behaviors and get kids moving.

Our Goals

  • Introduce New Athletic Opportunities +

    NTSA will offer new sports that are currently not represented in the region and develop new programs that will get kids active and moving.
  • Improve Accessibility to Athletics +

    NTSA will offer low-cost athletic leagues and no-cost athletic clinics and athletic programming that will remove the barrier of cost from participation in athletics. In addition, we will offer programs for at-risk populations, the disabled, and after-school settings.
  • Equip Participants That Otherwise Could Not Afford the Cost +

    NTSA will offer an Equipment Loan Program which will equip players with free safety equipment to engage in the variety of sports offered.
  • Get Kids Active and Improve Their Well-Being +

    By providing low-cost and no-cost athletic opportunities that remove the barriers of cost and accessibility, we hope to get more kids active and improve their well-being. Whether through our leagues, free programming, and other athletic events, we strive to help develop a love for sport and physical activity. This will convert sedentary behaviors into active behaviors and healthier lifestyle choices.
  • Create Community Partnerships +

    NTSA will work with the community, business leaders, and local municipalities to achieve its goals through a collective partnership.
  • Construct a Mutli-sport Complex +

    NTSA is committed to construct, maintain, and operate a new public indoor multi-purpose sportsplex facility, serving the communities and surrounding states with diverse recreational, physical, and educational opportunities engaging a wide age and gender demographic.
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